Extensive Information Sources


iTrender Intelligence has the most extensive information sources, from 

professional database, public publications, various 

associations to interviews of industry specialist, top 

executives and front-line personnel.

Excellent Data Specialist

iTrender Intelligence has the most excellent teammates. They have different industry backgrounds, vast experience in research and 

marketing. They are not only data specialist, they are also your trusted friends who are willing to share their ideas with you

Objective, Accurate and Unique

It’s the honor of iTrender Intelligence to provide the most objective, accurate information to you. It’s our duty to show you the most 

real market. And it’s our pleasure to show you the most unique information only for you.

Customer First

Choosing iTrender Intelligence means you can get more than you think. Customer First, it’s the most important principle of iTrender Intelligence. 

We keeps on thinking which information is most valuable for you, how can we help you, etc. And that’s we have done.

Forever Partnership

Choosing iTrender Intelligence means a forever. It’s not just a business contact, it’s a friendship, partnership forever. No mater you 

are our new friends, or have cooperated with us many years ago. We are always here willing to help you.