Extensive Information Sources

iTrender Intelligence relies on the rich experience in chemistry, automotive, semiconductor, pharmaceutical filed. SWOT PEST, Porter's Five Forces Model and some other method are used to analysis the market you are looking for. Our reports

 build up form primary and secondary sources.


Primary Sources

iTrender Intelligence has an excellent team in getting first-hand information. The reports build up from direct investigation of market 

participants: manufactures, raw materials providers, end-users. The market we showed to you are based on the 

investigation of the whole market chain. We firmly confirmed this is the most accurate, objective way to show the real 


Secondary Sources

iTrender Intelligence invest so much in purchasing authoritative database, building our own database. Various non-profit organization 

are also our most important data sources. We make a further study of the financial reports published by major 

manufactures. We pay more attention to each event happened in the market no matter it’s big or small. As we know any 

details in the market may affect more.