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iTrender Intelligence has an excellent team with different backgrounds. We are economist, management scientist, chemist, physicist, psychologist, logistics scientist. We have rich experience in consulting service. We firmly believe that we can help you. In fact, what we keep doing now really make sense for our clients. It’s our greatest honor to go with you. 

 Management Consulting 

 Strategy Consulting

 HR Consulting

 Financial Consulting

 Supply Chain

 IPO Support

 Market Entrance Strateg


Management Consulting: We can help you optimizing operation management, system management, production management, culture management, etc.

Strategy Consulting: We can help you optimizing sales strategy, development strategy, brand strategy, technology development strategy, etc.

HR Consulting: We can help you optimizing organization structure, optimizing positioning design, optimizing recruitment efficiency, etc.

Finance Consulting: We can help you optimizing financial management, optimizing tax management, optimizing investment management, etc.

Supply Chain Consulting: We can help you improving cycle times, improving operational efficiencies, reducing supplier cost, reducing transportation cost, etc.

IPO Support: We can help you making a comprehensive evaluation before listing, company normative reorganization, starting listing, etc.

Market Entrance Strategy: We can help you making the entrance strategy of your targeting market. We can provide you more information: your targeting market size, where to built your factory, which technology, which equipment, production capacity, how much to invest, etc.

Competitors Analysis: We can help you make a deep analysis of your competitors. You can have a good understanding of their strategy, products characteristics, market share, production conditions, etc. 

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